Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Valentine Gift For Him

So, I guess if my hubby reads this it kind of spoils any surprise!! Oh well, what I won't do for y'all! Actually, he will probably get this when he gets home... and hopefully he will share. =o)

I have the same problem every year when I try to think of a Valentine's Day gift for him... everything is geared toward women and is super girlie! I know for a fact that my husband does not want a cute little stuffed teddy bear! There is one thing that he does like though, and that is candy. So when I saw this heart-shaped box of butter cups, I had an idea... to turn this girlie box into a mantastic one!

First, print a diamond plate pattern on a white piece of cardstock. We have a great diamond plate digital paper in our Metal Digital Paper Set which you can get in our shop! Make sure that you set the left and right margin space to "0.25" so that you will get the max printable space.

Trace the top of the box on the backside of your cardstock, and cut it out.

Cover the top of the box with Mod Podge and put the cardstock in place.

By inking the edges of the heart, it not only adds detail, but it helps to cover if your cardstock does not line up perfectly. Next, decorate the box how you want. Remember to keep it masculine! Unless your man is a landscaper, or has a true affection for flowers, try to refrain. I used simple hearts, and words. I actually wanted to cut the letters out of newspaper, but we don't get the newspaper anymore, so that wasn't exactly possible. After I decorated it, I covered the entire thing with another layer of glossy Mod Podge, and it turned out like this............

I think it turned out great... definitely mantastic! =o)

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