Sunday, February 20, 2011

Tea Bag Holder Cards

Tea Bag Holder

Unfortunately, my husband had to start back to work this morning after a great 2 week leave period. =o( So, I am up, at 5:30am and have been up for an hour already. I can't complain though, since the poor guy has to get up at 3:30am every morning.... I at least get the extra hour. Anyhoo, since I am up way before the kids are, and the house is quiet, I'm sitting here with my cup of coffee reading through my favorite blogs. You're probably wondering what this has to do with the super cute picture above, so I'll get to it.

I was reading a blog that I love called Lolly Chops. She has this adorable tutorial for Tea Bag Holder Cards. (I personally like her title better "The Mad Tatter's Teabag Template", but since I don't have a Mad Tatter in my family it wouldn't work.) These cards would be great for so many different things! Valentine's Day, a Just Thinking of You Card, Mother's Day... Father's Day. You could even use them as a money holder card for a birthday, or adjust the size a little for a gift card holder. Anyways, go here to check it out!

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