Sunday, February 20, 2011

Photography Tips

So, there really wouldn't be scrapbooking if there were not special photos! Here are some tips to help you take spectacular pictures.

1. Get Close or Zoom In: For high impact photos, fill the frame with your subject instead of insignificant background.

2. Use Natural Light: I know this is not always possible for those spur of the moment candid shots. Overcast days are actually the perfect time to take pictures, since a flash or bright sunlight can cause harsh shadows and glares. If a cloudy day is not possible, try taking photos outside in the early or late light of day.

3. Get Down to the Subject's Level: This is especially important when taking pictures of children or pets! Pictures are much more engaging when eye to eye contact is created through the photograph.

4. Take Candid Pictures: There are some things that just cannot be captured in a posed picture. By taking candid pictures, you get genuine personality and emotion in those least expected shots.

5. Take Lots of Shots: The great thing about digital cameras is that you don't have to worry about how many shots are on a roll of film! Instead of taking just one shot, snap multiples, because you won't know the actual quality of the photograph until you can view it large on the computer screen.

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