Monday, January 14, 2013

What a relief... I'm not crazy!

I've always thought that all of us crafters were at least a little crazy, but come to find out.... not so much! 

According to a recent book...

...certain career fields attract more psychos than others. "Craftsperson" (i.e. scrapbooker!) is actually the 4th LEAST likely to attract psychopaths! 

Yep, there it is! 

Of course, maybe we are just better at hiding it... or they haven't met the right ones yet. After all, we have all definitely met that one or two out there... you know who I'm talking about. The ones you just nod your head and slowly back away.

Here are the top 10 fields most likely to attract psychopaths, and the fields that are the least likely.

Highest Rates of Psychopathy:

1. CEO
2: Lawyer
3: Media (Television/Radio)
4: Salesperson
5: Surgeon
6: Journalist
7: Police Officer
8: Clergy Person
9: Chef
10: Civil Servant

Lowest Rates of Psychopathy:

1: Care Aide
2: Nurse
3: Therapist
4: Craftsperson
5: Beautician/Stylist
6: Charity Worker
7: Teacher
8: Creative Artist
9: Doctor
10: Accountant

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