Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Design Inspiration

When looking for inspiration while designing your layouts, you don't have to look far. A lot of those busy paper patterns on the market actually serve as a great place to start with your design. I talked about busy patterns in my blog posts "How to Use Busy Patterns" (Feb 20, 2011) For example, I found this retro ornament paper that I really liked:

Looking at the background paper, I decided to use the ornaments as my basis for creating the main embellishments...

...and if you look really close, some of those ornaments on the background paper have little snowflakes, so I used those to find my secondary papers.

To frame everything up, I once again used a snowflake paper, but chose a sky-blue to compliment the browns with an extremely light pattern so that it does not take away from the background paper. Put everything together and here's final product.

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