Saturday, March 19, 2011

Mod Podge to the Rescue

Living in southern california, I wear flip flops pretty much year round. So I was really excited when I found this super cute pair at Ross for only $15!

Then I went to wear them for the first time...

They have that really soft texture that I think is supposed to be faux suede. At first you think "Ooh, nice!" Then after about, hmmm, 5 minutes you think "Ooh, not so nice... Ouch!"

So the other night I was working on some project or other, using Mod Podge, when it hit me... I could Mod Podge the under side of the strap and it would change the texture!

It totally worked!! Now, I can wear my cute, sparkly flip flops without the not-so-cute blisters!

Mod Podge to the rescue... Yay!


  1. HEY!! That is pretty smart! I've done the same thing, I mean buying faux suede flip flops thinking it would be all soft and cushy and it just ended up being kinda sweaty and icky!!!

    I'm following you from Making The World Cuter's Follow Along! :)

  2. That is such a clever idea. I would never have thought of that. I wonder how it would work in the heel area of a flat -- you know how that can cause a blister, too? Thanks for following my blog.

  3. Such a clever idea! Thanks so much for following me! So excited to see more of your clever ideas! :0)